EWAY Quote Management

EWAY Quote Management

Quote Schneider Electric products for customer projects
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EWay Quote Management is a program that helps you quote Schneider Electric products for your customers projects. It lets you offer complete bill of materials (BOMs), rebates, and shipping quotes, either from Schneider Electric or your local inventory.

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  • Question: Can't install EQM on Windows 8.1 Even the Help Desk could not get EQM installed.

    The software appears to be compatible only with Windows XP, and this is confirmed by the screenshots available on Schneider Electric website. On Windows 8.1, locate the setup package and then right-click it. Choose Properties > Compatibility and select Windows XP from the list. Tick the Run as Administrator and launch the software. It should work this way.

    In case it doesn't, contact the developers of the application using the following link: http://www2.schneider-electric.com/sites/corporate/en/general/contact/contact.page

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